The world without fragrance is a world in black & white

Reliable supplier of fragrance and Essential oils

Thanks to the experience of our dynamic teams, the company offers its customers a wide range of aromatic compounds, designed for cosmetics, detergents and perfumery industry. In a triangular partnership with our renowned French suppliers, our company and the customers, we are empowered to offer quality service to our clients.

Our Commitment

Highly professional teams of craftsmen are at your disposal for designing and concocting of the delicate balance of perfumery compounds.
Your demands would be promptly met by the experts to provide you quality products at the shortest possible time to take you through an olfactory journey of a lifetime.
All the products are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure full conformity with the current legislations.
All the orders are strictly monitored in every stage of their development, right to the shipment. We pride ourselves in keeping the customers fully satisfied.

Our Fragrances

AromsTech company, primarily is involved in wholesale distribution of Fine Fragrance and Fragrance products, however, besides these, the company also offers a wide range of perfumery compounds designed to satisfy the demands of the other sectors of the Olfactory industry, cosmetics, body care, home care, and air freshener, etc.


Fine perfumery

Perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cologne...


Cream, body milk, lotions, bar soap, liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, shaving foam, bath salt, massage oil...

Home fragrances

Fragrance, candle, diffuser, tree perfume...


Washing powder, washing liquid, softner, floor cleaner...

Other applications

Coating, painting, hydrocarbon, varnish...

AromsTech grants you higher quality and competitive prices. simplicity beyond what you can imagine. Our technical teams in France are open to answer your questions regarding manufacturing. We stand by you to choose the best fragrance for your brand.


Our Expertise

Due to perfumes` contents, it is almost impossible to talk about perfumes, because perfume manufacturing formula is registered for the perfumer, and it is totally a secret! but experienced and professional perfumers can separate the main elements included in a perfume. when such a skill is mixed with modern chemical technologies such as color element decomposition, it helps the perfumer to make a perfume similar to the original perfume of even better than it.


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